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XGMA wheel loader spare parts

XGMA wheel loader spare parts


XGMA spare parts for wheel loaders, excavators, 


BrandModel No.
XGMA         XG910  XG916I   XG916II  XG918  XG918T 
XG920T  XG931  XG932II  XG942  XG951  XG951II  XG953 
XG953II   XG953III  XG955  XG955II  XG956II  XG958 
XG958II  XG962  XG915 XG916  XG932 XG951III XG962
LONKINGLG833  LG855  LG856 LG853  LG856B  LG858B LG816 
LG850  LG843  LG833G  LG853D LG853B ZL50B ZL50C  


(Road Roller)

XG6141M XG6161M  XG6181M  XG620MH  XG622MH  XG626M   XG6102  XG6121  XG6141  XG618H  XG620H  XG6261
XG6011D  XG6021D  XG6033D  XG6041D  XG6071D  XG6101D  XG6121D  XG6131D  XG6141D  XG612D    
XG6201P  XG6261P  XG6301P
XG62015C  XG62513C  XG63213C XG60051S  
XG962/ XG962-II/ XG962-III spare parts
Description ----Part Number
Ring gear42A0002
Seal of piston 12B0010
Stop pan52A0185Dish pad36C0005
Bearing 621031B0011Tooth L72A0002
Snap ring 90 07B0005Tooth R 72A0003
Connect pan 52A0186Tooth72A0032
Spring 12 06B0013Tooth bolt and nut02B0003/03B0015
Bolt 00B1120Pin15D0124
Shims 56A0045Sleeve54A0052
Shims 56A0044Seal 12B0037
Cage bolt and nut02B0070/03B0724Pin15D0125
Cross shaft 63A0012Sleeve54A0050
Disc 52A0024Seal 12B0004
Seal 140*170*16 12B0013Pin15D0126
Bearing 32024  33B0005Seal12B0003
Bearing32222   33B0019Glass 51B0026
Ring gear42A0005Working lamp 42B0055
Sun gear41A0030Cab lamp42B0005
Nut03B0106Wiper 64B0015

ring 370*2.65

10B0121Lamp As. L 42B0104
Rim bolt and nut02B0069Lamp As. R42B0105
spare parts03B0071Reer Working lamp 42B0055