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ZF 4WG208 transmission

ZF 4WG208 transmission


ZF 4WG208 transmission

ZF 4WG208 transmission

ZF 4WG208 transmission asSEMbly 4644024243, 4644 024 243 used on JOHN DEER WL56

ZF TRANSMISSION 4WG208 Description

• ZF 4WG208 automatic power shift transmission
• Kick-down function, FNR, F4/R3
• Transmission oil level sight gauge
• Secondary oil filter, oil stick
• Remote pressure taps for diagnostics
• Auto shifting mode by speed
• Interlock between parking brake and gear shifting

Torque converter: single-stage, three elements.
Transmission: ZF 4WG 208 countershaft transmission, integrated pilot single joystick with FNR, KD and horn. electro proportional valve, continuous power in gears shift with less impact.
Gear shifting system: ZF Automatic Power Shift with auto modes (1~4/2~4) all start in gear 2, faster and better for long distance material transport.

Transmission type: Countershaft, power shift
Torque converter : Single stage, three elements
Number of speed, fwd: 4
Number of speed, rev: 3

ZF 4WG208 transmission asSEMbly 4644024244, 4644 024 244 used on Liugong wheel loader CLG848H, CLG856, CLG856H
ZF 4WG208 transmission asSEMbly 4644024243, 4644 024 243 used on Doosan wheel loader SD310

OEM No/Model No: 4644 024 243, 4644 024 244
Net Weight: 530KG

ZF Transmission assembly 4WG180, 4WG200, 6WG180, 6WG200,4WG158, 4WG208
Advance Transmission assembly YD13, WG180,
Model 4WG-180 : 4644004180
Model 4WG-200 : 4644024146 4644024160 4644024161 4644024170 4644024173 4644024228
Model 6WG-200: 4644026351 4644026333 4644026366 4644026367
Model AP-410: 4474005208 4460065316
Model AP-412: 4474006127 4460015115 4474006099