ZF 4WG200 6WG200 parts
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ZF gearbox housing

ZF gearbox housing for 4WG200, 6WG200, 4WG180, 6WG180


ZF gearbox housing for 4WG200, 6WG200, 4WG180, 6WG180

Some ZF 4WG200 gearbox accessories we are supplying: 

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36B0766   Cable connector   ZF6029206537
36B0820   Plug   ZF6029199013
37B0059   control unit  
37B0059RE control unit  
37B0071   Control unit; ASSY   ZF6009047404
37B0428   Control unit; AsSEMbly parts   ZF6057008011
37B0476   Electronic module   ZF6041232334
37B0477   Electronic module   ZF6041232476
37B0750   Control unit; ASSY   ZF6057018089
37B0770   Control unit; ASSY   ZF6057018045
37B1015   Control unit; EST125; ASSY   ZF6057014046
37B1852   Control unit; ASSY   ZF6057008045
37B2127   Control unit; 6057.008.051; ASSY   ZF6057008051
37B2293   controller; 6057.014.076-ZF 4WG158 fully auto; ASSY   ZF6057014076
37B2584   Control unit; 6057.018.950; ASSY.   ZF6057018950
37B3026   Control unit; 6057 018 902; ASSY.   ZF6057018902
37C0472   Internal friction plate; Bonded parts   ZF0501208915
37C0473   Outer friction plate; 4.0; 
37C0475   Outer friction plate; 4.5;
37C1211   Internal friction plate; ASSY   ZF4061316165
41A0196   planet gear   ZF4464306161
41C1576   axle sleeve; AGGL   ZF0769123956
41C1578   Input flange; ASSY   ZF4474107006
41C1579   Input flange; ASSY   ZF4474293008
41C2002   Axle housing main drive asSEMbly; ASSY   ZF4474208101
41C2003   Axle housing main drive asSEMbly; ASSY   ZF4474208102
41C2174   Axle main drive; ASSY   ZF4474193025
41C2175   Axle main drive; ASSY   ZF4474193024
41C2176   Axle housing main drive assembly; ASSY   ZF4474208111
41C2177   Axle housing main drive assembly; ASSY   ZF4474208118
41C2178   Axle housing main drive assembly; ASSY   ZF4474208110
41C2179   Axle housing main drive assembly; ASSY   ZF4474208112
41C2484   Bridge shell; ASSY   ZF4474293053
41C2706T0   Axle main drive; Accessories; ASSY 
41C2707T0   Axle main drive; Accessories; ASSY 
42C0152   Torque converter; Assembly parts  
42C0738   Torque converter transmission assembly; 4644 026 367; ASSY   4644 026 367
42C0750   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY   ZF4646074073
42C0943   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY   ZF4646024245
42C1021   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY   ZF4644024196
42C1036   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY   ZF4644024247
42C1141   Torque converter transmission assembly; 4WG260; ASSY 
42C1154   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY 
42C1330   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY   ZF4646074087
42C1368   Torque converter transmission assembly; ZF4BP230; ZF4wg230   ZF4681084001
42C1438   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY   ZF4644614006
42C1528   Torque converter transmission assembly; ASSY  ZF4644024249
42C1554   Torque converter transmission assembly; 6WG158; ASSY   ZF4644016004
42C1589   Torque converter transmission assembly; 4WG260; ASSY 
42C1591   Torque converter transmission assembly; 4WG260; ASSY

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We are the authorized distributor of ZF and the Hangzhou ADVANCE transmission Group. In China, 

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