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hirschmann display screen LMI HC4900 for XCMG QUY55

hirschmann display screen LMI HC4900 for XCMG QUY55


hirschmann display screen LMI HC4900 for XCMG QUY55

hirschmann display screen LMI HC4900 for XCMG QUY55

XCMG Air pump repair kit Engine Parts

XCMG axle sleeve Z5G.8-1

XCMG axle sleeve Z5G.8-2

XCMG Bucket bolt

XCMG Bucket pin Loader parts 252100421

XCMG Bucket pin shaft 252100421

XCMG Bucket Z5G.8.7

XCMG Clamp piston Loader parts Z40.12.4-9

XCMG Clamp repair kit seling element Z40.2.4-8 Z40.12.4-6

XCMG fferential sSEMbly Loader parts 71A0046

XCMG Disc asSEM Loader parts 42C0011

XCMG Elastic plate 402202

XCMG Force intensifier XM60

xcmg instrument temperature meter

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XCMG key switch 08086- 10000

XCMG Loader parts Air flere410001044001

XCMG loader parts Automoble reariew mir asSEMbly 47C0024

XCMG Loader parts Shims 06B0032

XCMG Lower hinge pin Z5G.6.13

XCMG Lower pin flange Z5G.6-11

XCMG oil pan Loader parts ZL40A.30.4.1

XCMG output shaft ZL40A.30.3-10 ZL40.6.6-6

XCMG Pedal assembly XZ1129040

XCMG Pedal brake valve

XCMG PIN Loader parts 11D0859

XCMG Planetary axle Loader parts

XCMG Planetary wheel gasket

XCMG Ring gear assembly 77500938

XCMG Second-gear active plate ZL40A.30.1.1A

XCMG Second-speed driven plate ZL 40A.30.1-10

XCMG semiaxis Loader parts 79000131B

XCMG Steering gear 250100112

XCMG Steering pump gear Zl 40A.30-17 Zl 40A.30-18

XCMG sun wheel 79001524

XCMG tank lid Loader parts

XCMG torque converter 800302251 272200259

XCMG tyre 800302222

According to India Infrahub, the progress of the longest cross sea bridge (MTHL) project in India, an overseas key project involving XCC150-IA crawler crane of XCMG, has exceeded 84% recently and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The total length of the bridge is 21.8 km, including a 16.5 km sea bridge and a 5.5 km land viaduct. After completion, the commute time between Mumbai and New Mumbai will be shortened from the current 2 hours to 20 minutes, allowing the rapid gathering of the flow of people, logistics and capital, and promoting the local economic development.

India attaches great importance to the MTHL project. Since the commencement of the project, with the increasing investment, the lifting capacity, handling performance and transportation requirements of the lifting equipment have also been "rising with the tide".