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ZF 4WG200 transmission maintenance record 2020


ZF gearbox is a very mature product, but users have a headache when talking about ZF. The first is that it is difficult to maintain and the second is that it is expensive to maintain. The new loader equipped with ZF gearbox has a high purchase cost, but the second-hand disposal is much more convenient than the domestic planetary gearbox.


Why did this happen? In my opinion, the first is ZF solid technology protectionism. Many maintenance services are not available, so it is not recommended to purchase new machines by individuals. The second is that the market channel for accessories is not unblocked, which leads to too high costs for expensive users. Third, the manufacturer did not provide better training to the market maintenance department in terms of maintenance. Many users did not know how to use it, resulting in frequent failures such as wrong oil filling and oil shortage.


A good product is not only reflected in product quality, but also better let users know you, so as to make the journey between manufacturers and users win-win.


Today, a 4WG200 gearbox was disasSEMbled. After disasSEMbly, it was painfully damaged. The friction plates of gear 3-4 of the gearbox were also seriously damaged. The variable speed pump and control valve were scrapped.


The reason for the fault is that the bearing of the variable speed pump is damaged, the pressure is low and the temperature is high, while the transmission sensing plug is damaged. The user did not know that it was caused by the faulty work. I asked all the users around me to change it to a direct sensing meter. In addition to the lack of aesthetics, there is nothing harmful. The low pressure can be seen intuitively, and the machine can be shut down for maintenance to minimize the fault. Hope the user can help the user by reading the post (it can also be changed to tee, direct inductor sharing)


This fault can be easily found if there is a direct induction meter to minimize the fault loss. It is hoped that all users who have ZF transmission equipment in their hands can change them back to avoid heavy losses.




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