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YUCHAI flywheel ring gear 6105Q-1005043 Loader parts

YUCHAI flywheel ring gear 6105Q-1005043 Loader parts


YUCHAI flywheel ring gear 6105Q-1005043 Loader parts

YUCHAI flywheel ring gear 6105Q-1005043 Loader parts

G20 Summit Indonesia Yawan High speed Railway Launches the First Order of China's High speed Railway Export Construction Guarantee 90% of generator units are equipped with Yuchai

In addition to Yawan High speed Railway, the generator sets supporting Yuchai power generation are widely used in Indonesian mining, aquaculture industry, data center and other fields, and the mainstream products cover YC12VTD, YC6TD and other high-power models.

YUCHAI Exhaust valve seat 6105QA-1007021

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YUCHAI Filter head 6105Q-1012106 Machine filter seat

YUCHAI flywheel ring gear 6105Q- 1005043 Loader parts

YUCHAI Injector copper sleeve 6105QA-1003019A

YUCHAI Intake valve seat 6105QA-1007019

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YUCHAI Loader parts Diesel filter element 1011A

YUCHAI Loader parts thermostat 110000561166, 4110001060198

YUCHAI Oil pump asSEMbly 6105Q- 1011020 Loader parts

YUCHAI Pulley shock absorbor 6105QA-1005030A Loader parts

YUCHAI PUMP body Engine Parts Q6.02.03

YUCHAI Rotary precipitator filter cartridge B7604-1105200

YUCHAI thermostat 6105Q- 1306010 Engine Parts

YUCHAI Valve cushion 6105Q-1003022 Engine Parts

YUCHAI valve guide 6105QA-1007018

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YUCHAI Water blocking 6105Q-1003081 Engine Parts

YUCHAI Water blocking ring 6105Q 1002063B Engine Parts

As an "old friend" of Indonesia, Yuchai Machinery, in addition to its power generation products, has exported a lot of truck, bus, communication machine and ship power products in recent years to provide power support for Indonesian infrastructure, agriculture and other fields. With its high-quality products and services, Yuchai Machinery has won frequent praise from Indonesian customers and become a local import star product. Among them, the rice harvester with Yuchai engine was also praised by President Joko of Indonesia.

From January to October this year, the export of Yuchai trucks, buses and Tongji power products to the Indonesian market grew by 229% year on year, and the sales of ship electric power products grew by more than 200% year on year. At present, Yuchai Machinery's market share in Indonesia has increased significantly. Indonesia has become an important region for Yuchai's development in the ASEAN market.